Alex was recommended to me by a friend, as I have a son with learning difficulties who was having trouble successfully navigating social media.

He was an instant success and has built up a really close relationship with my son.

Although he does help with his IT needs he helps with his independence skills and helps him make better life choices.

I cannot recommend Alex highly enough. He is kind, thoughtful and professional and has helped our family more than he knows!



Your IT Now is run by Alex Roland, who is brilliant at his job of providing personal support for my son. He can turn his hand to anything from Computer Skills, to a home made Air Conditioning Unit when it’s hot! My son and Alex built a Scarecrow that won first prize in our village Scarecrow Competition. The Scarecrow took them just over a month to build and was amazing! What my son likes about Alex is that he is in complete control of his sessions with Alex, and gets to choose what he wants to do with Alex each week. Whether this is to stay at home and work on the computer, or to venture out videoing for my son’s YouTube Channel. From mine and my wife’s viewpoint we are so pleased to have found someone that we can completely trust with my son’s wellbeing. Alex is like a little ray of sunshine that arrives at our door each week😊👍


Alex has helped me with social networks like Facebook. It has helped me keep in touch with friends I haven’t seen for years, and create a ‘fan page’ of supporters for my film project and it lets people everywere in the world know what I’m up to.

I can now use computer for every thing from looking up grants to Harry Potter!

I know that Alex will help keep me safe when I use the computer. Alex has helped me understand e mails and what people are saying in them.

He’s helped me to understand about the need for safety and I now feel much more confident about using the internet



Philip Dyer (Service User) Trendbuster Films